Five Locksmiths You Can Trust

When it comes to finding a reliable locksmith in North Las Vegas, Nevada, there are several companies you can trust. Whether you need a locksmith to replace a broken key, install a new security system, or even cut a new key, there is a company that can meet your needs. Atlas Integrated Security is one of the best companies to call. With over two decades of experience, the company is known for its quality workmanship and professionalism. Each of its technicians is licensed and insured and is well-trained to work with all major brands. They offer residential locksmith services and security installation services, as well as free estimates for their work.


Timmy the locksmith in North Las Vegas, NV is a family business that has been providing quality locksmith services since 1996. The company offers a wide range of services and offers discounts for new home owners, NV license holders, military personnel and senior citizens.

Atlas Integrated Security

If you are looking for locksmith services, you can trust the team at Atlas Integrated Security Locksmith in North Las Vegas. AIS offers low-voltage security installation and locksmith services. In addition, they offer security system repair and installation in the Las Vegas area.

Halfprice Locksmith

Halfprice Locksmith of Las Vegas has been offering professional locksmith service to the Las Vegas community since 2007. This locally owned and operated business specializes in offering fast locksmith services at a fair price. Prices are never changed after a job is completed, so you can expect a flat fee and no surprises. This company values repeat business and strives to exceed customer expectations.

Getting a new key cut

If you’ve lost your keys, a locksmith in North Las Vegas can help you. A locksmith can help you get back into your home or car by cutting a new key. Each lock has a unique key with corresponding pins. If you lose a key, or you’ve misplaced it, a locksmith in North Las Vegas NV can help you get back in without a problem. In order to get the job done properly, a locksmith will need to remove the lock cylinder from the door. A key decoder will be used to help the locksmith determine the correct size key for the lock. This will limit the guesswork for the locksmith.

Rekeying a lock

Rekeying a lock with a professional locksmith in North Las Vegas is a great way to enhance the security of your home or business. The process involves changing the pins, tumblers and settings on your lock. This prevents the use of old keys and makes it possible for only one key to open different locks. This process is less expensive than replacing your lock, and it offers the same level of security.

Changing a lock on site

Changing a lock on site with able locksmiths can be a quick and convenient way to change your locks. These pros offer a wide variety of services, and most of them will take care of both residential and commercial clients. Their rates will vary according to the type of lock you need and the type of property you have. Commercial properties will have different prices than residential properties. They can also change the locks in cars, since many models are now keyless. Changing a lock on site with reputable locksmiths can help you avoid the costs associated with having to change locks on your car or home.

Rekeying a lock on site

Rekeying a lock on-site by a locksmith in North Las Vegas Nevada is a great way to keep your home or business secure. Locksmiths are trained to perform this service quickly and efficiently. In addition to lock rekeying, they also offer other locksmith services, including deadbolt and doorknob installation, automotive locksmithing, and security consultations. Their goal is to provide fast and damage-free service for all of their customers.

Emergency locksmith services

Emergency locksmith services are an important part of keeping your home and property secure. A broken lock can be dangerous if left unattended, and you can be robbed of your valuable property if you do not know who has your key. Locksmiths are highly trained and experienced professionals, and will change your locks immediately, and make sure that your property is protected in the future.